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  • Some ideas with plasma!

    After talks in chat in last workshop about hulahoops and how to fill it by plasma water with little gans and put some people in star formation and let them excersise i cant stop thinking about (plasm-a-hoops, i think our military must have it and use it every day as mandatory!).
    So.. How about to put some plasma waters inside bicycle tires? Or even car, motorbike, etc. Not too much, but just enough to make this water cover tire inside with thin layer then its will start rotating. For bext results i think to mix this plasma waters, maybe 9:1 or so.

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    Also i think is good idea to make some windmill what can rotate gans! Some people using solar panels for feed their plasma generators, but why not windmills or even both? If use nano coated wires, then windmill can produce clear plasma even (what can used to feed your plasma generator too). On youtube alot of videos how to make your own wind generator, its not very hard to do. But i think also of nanocoat even their coils too, is good idea. so what you think?


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      I just missed some previous workshops...



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